Pajaggle Board Gamr
Pajaggle Board Gamr
Pajaggle Board Gamr
Pajaggle Board Gamr

Pajaggle Board Gamr

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Pajaggle is the addictive puzzle that's a board game!

61 glossy acrylic pieces fit precisely in place. (If all goes well.) Set the clock and set the shapes - flowers, gears, stars - all in the correct spaces.

Pajaggle is a visual game that invites four year olds and ninety-four year olds in for a play. Your thinking gears will be spinning. Your hands will be flying, and so will the time.

Perfect for family game night, playing with friends, or even on your own. Pajaggle will hook you in after just one round.

  • Play by yourself. Fit pieces into the matching holes quickly and record the time.
  • Play against one person. Race to fit pieces faster than your opponent.
  • Ready for a group? It's time for a chaos round! Rush to fill the entire board together.

    Pajaggle - a game of brain busting, matching, puzzling, race against the clock fun!

  • Match pieces to the proper spot on the board
  • Win by fitting all your pieces in first
  • Build fine motor skills, spatial thinking abilities
  • Many challenging and fun ways to play
  • For one person, or up to four
  • Includes 61 Pajaggle pieces, 8.5 x 11 board, drawstring pouch, timer
  • Playbook included with full instructions and game variations
  • Made in the USA